‘Broad City’ is auctioning the series’ wardrobe and props for charity

Everything from signed episodes to the pair's drumsticks

Broad City is coming to a wrap, as their fifth and final season airs on Comedy Central. As a result, Abby Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have announced that they’ll be donating their Broad City clothing, props, and memorabilia to an auction benefiting Lemon Tree.

Currently, some of the items available for auction on ScreenBid include “Ilana’s Bicycle, Abbi’s Blue Dress, Abbi’s 48-piece apartment Oprah image, Ilana’s Red Dog Hoodie, Ilana and Abbi’s track suits,” and more. Each week, they’ll be donating 12 to 15 new items from the show, so make sure to keep your eye on the site.

Currently the most in-demand item for sale is Abby and Ilana’s drumsticks from season 2, where they used them in a drum duel, in addition to a couple of signed scripts. New items from season 5 will be added weekly after each episode airs.

Lemontree is a nonprofit organization that offers dinners that cost less than groceries bought at a store, aiming to help New York City parents buy food on a tight budget.