Broken Social Scene Drops Hidden Gem “Where’s Your Heart, Where’s Your Mind”

Check out the unreleased track recently recorded at Bronson Island

Broken Social Scene is back, again. Don’t get too excited though, the band is still on an indefinite hiatus, but lucky for us they’re really bad at it. Since the split in 2011, there was the announcement of the BSS reunion for the Arts & Crafts Field Trip Festival in Toronto this past June to mark the 10th anniversary of the label, an appearance on Jimmy Fallon with Feist, and a new collab with Years called “Day of the Kid.” Broken has now dropped a hidden gem, “Where’s your Heart, Where’s your Mind.”

The track has been performed live in the past but never properly recorded until now. Thanks to Kevin Drew and company for stopping by Bronson Island, the That 70’s Show star Danny Masterson’s Hollywood studio, to record the song, BSS fans can be satisfied for now. Check out the song below, as well as “Day of the Kid” with Years, and the performance of “Almost Crimes” with Feist on Fallon.