Bryan Cranston, Ed Norton and Jeff Goldblum to voice Wes Anderson’s upcoming Stop Motion Film

Jeff Goldblum spills the beans about Wes Anderson's upcoming dog-centered film

Ed Norton and Jeff Goldblum have long been on Wes Anderson’s roster of actors for his films. His next film will be no exception, with one added bonus: Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

According to Consequence of Sound, Jeff Goldblum leaked at one of his residence Jazz shows in L.A., that he will be playing a voice acting role in Anderson’s next feature film alongside Edward Norton, Bob Balaban and Bryan Cranston.

According to Goldblum, the next film will be stop-motion, which is familiar territory after Anderson’s 2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox. While it is also centered around animals, this time the film will be about dogs rather than foxes. Though this may be troublesome as Wes Anderson has a violent history with dogs dying in his past movies (see Moonrise Kingdom, Grand Budapest Hotel).

Now it’s just a waiting game to see which path TV’s most loveable dad / relentless meth dealer will play; though our money’s him playing a bad dog.

Main Image Courtesy Gage Skidmore via Flickr