Built To Spill To Release New Album

Built To Spill will make a triumphant return

Built To Spill have kept fans waiting since the 2009 release of their album There Is No Enemy. The band finally confirmed this week that they will be releasing the 10-track LP, Untethered Moon in April through Warner Brothers. The upcoming LP is set to include “Living Zoo”, Built To Spill’s live performance staple over the past few years.

Although the track listing has not been officially released, here is a look at how Untethered Moon could turn out:

1. All Our Songs
2. Living Zoo
3. On The Way
4. Some Other Song
5. Never Be The Same
6. C.R.E.B.
7. Another Day
8. Horizon To Cliff
9. So
10. When I’m Blind

Check out the full performance of “Living Zoo” here: