Burlington Is Getting Its Own Vinyl Pressing Plant

Just Keep Spinning

The resurgence of vinyl has caused a major increase in demand for the product. So much so that the pressing plants across the world are having a hard time keeping up with customer demand.

Gerry McGhee, president of major music distributor Isotope Music plans to meet the demand head-on by opening a new pressing plant in Burlington later this summer.

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Precision Record Pressing Inc. will be North America’s second largest vinyl-pressing plant, manufacturing for major labels like Universal and Sony Music as well as independents.

McGhee was approached by Canadian labels a few years back in dire need of a domestic pressing plant. “They promised to support me if I could get this together, and I began a two year search for machines, “he said. “I went to plants in the US, UK, Japan, trying to find presses, but was always outbid for them.”

McGhee soon found a friend in GZ, a Czech-based pressing company whom he soon paired with. New pressing machines recently arrived at the 20,000 sq. ft. Burlington space with more on the way. McGhee and company look to have production turn arounds as low as 6-8 weeks, “It’ll be a game-changer for plants around the world when we go to that kind of delivery time,” McGhee says.

McGhee told FYI Music that we can expect an announcement about the first record to be pressed by the Burlington shop with a documentary following it to come soon. The state-of-the-art facility is set to start manufacturing mid-August with the official opening on September 16.

(Photo by Mai via Flickr)