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Burrito Vending Machines Are Now a Thing

Some days you don’t have an abundance of time to get yourself a proper meal. Sure, you could hit up a drive through but even that can be a lengthy wait. The good news is soon you may no longer have to settle for bag of Ruffles and some Skittles from the nearest vending machine; a burrito dispensing contraption is on the way.

Two burrito kiosks called ‘Burrito Box’ (new game drink every time you read the word burrito) have appeared in Santa Monica, California! You can get a nice little Mexican treat, made with 100% natural ingredients in just 3 minutes (no antibiotics and hormone free). There’s 5 different burrito options, including breakfast burritos of uncured bacon or chorizo sausage with egg and hasbrowns, or dinner burritos of range chicken, shredded beef and or veggie with beans and cheese. You pick the one that you’re craving, add guacamole, hot sauce or sour cream (for an extra charge) and watch a short video ad as your wrap get’s slapped together. The best part is these hearty meals only cost you about 3 bucks, WHAT A STEAL.

See how they work in the video below via Huffington Post.

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