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Buzzfeed Ranked Canadian Snacks and the Twittersphere Freaked Out

Smarties, Ketchup Chips, and Kinder Surprise.

All delicious items on the exclusively Canadian snack menu. So why in the world did Buzzfeed rank Coffee Crisp as the number one Canadian snack on the list?! Have they even experienced the sweet but savoury crunch of a ketchup chip? Apparently not.

In true Buzzfeed fashion, they published this ranking of well-known Canadian snacks:

Buzzfeed Canada

And the internet sounded off with a collective ‘wtf?!’

Buzzfeed quickly caught on to the heat, apologizing to readers on Twitter in true Canadian fashion:

But the apology was not enough for the ticked off snack eaters.

An updated article was posted shortly after, correcting their mistakes and apologizing again to their Canadian readers.

Buzzfeed Canada

Apparently the chart caused so much uproar that they reached out to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ​to get the final and official ranking. Although the Canadian leader has yet to comment, we can’t imagine someone so cool could possibly be snacking on Hickory Sticks.

Let us know if your favourite Canadian snack made the cut.

(Main image courtesy of Scott Lough via Flickr)

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