Bye-Bye Brunny, Hello Boston Pizza?

The Brunswick House is closing it's doors after 139 long years

Heavens no! Your favorite dive bar / student cesspool The Brunswick House, better known as The Brunny might be closing it’s doors for good.

As CBC reports, according to Harbord Village Residents’ Association, the Brunny’s lease was not renewed this year and is currently set to expire on December 31st. The HVRA have held a hearing, and should be making a decision soon.

The replacement? Right now nothing’s confirmed, but Boston Pizza is currently interested in the ground floor of the multi-level bar. They would want to add a patio though, and considering the space that may or may not work.

It is sad when any establishment with a history deep-rooted in the city is shut down, though the Brunny ain’t what it used to be. Let’s not forget this is the bar that was (we should say allegedly) caught recycling beer, and was suggested to hire police officers as bouncers (by the Bloor/Annex BIA) because of the frequency of fights.

That being said, the quintessential beer hall will be missed by students looking for a place to spend a Saturday night drenched in someone else’s sweat and your own beer.