Calling all ’90s kids: Dunkaroos have made their return

They're set to hit the shelves in summer 2020

Great news for ’90s kids, as Dunkaroos have made their return.

After mysteriously disappearing from American grocery stores in 2012, and from Canadian ones in 2017, the bite-sized cookies made to be dipped in delicious are coming back this summer. “It’s been years in the making, probably is a fair way to state it,” General Mills’ chief brand officer for North America Brad Hiranaga tells the New York Times. “We get literally thousands of consumer requests for the product, since it’s not being sold in the U.S. recently. We knew we wanted to bring it back for a while.”

Hiranaga went on to explain that the recipe will not change, and Dunkaroos will return with the same cookie and frosting as before.

Check out Dunkaroos’ announcement below.