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Camp Wavelength Performers Share Their Favorite Camp Memories

Camp Wavelength is this weekend at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Island, and we’re gearing up for a weekend full of great artists, beautiful scenery and of course camping. To get in the spirit of camping we asked some of the artists performing at the festival to share some of their favorite camping memories as a kid. Take a trip down memory lane and check out what these bands had to say.

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“My favourite camp memory was when I was ten years old, and me and a new friend (who looked exactly like Wayne Gretzky) ditched whatever we were supposed to be doing and went on a quest to find the mythical “green lake” that was rumoured to exist. During our hike, I recited the entire plot of Final Fantasy II from memory. I remember thinking that for sure he’d get bored of it, but he kept asking me to continue, so I did. We made it through the entire game. We eventually found a putrid lake that was practically neon green and smelled horrible and were convinced it was some kind of toxic pollution from the mess hall. We never found out the truth.”


Holy Fuck (Brian Borcherdt)


“One time a bear ate my hat”


Zoo Owl

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“One of my favorite camp memories as a kid was trying to get around their strict rules on candy. I was so paranoid I would double wrap all kinds of snacks in plastic like they were moving through customs. One time we scored honey packets from the cafeteria and ended up throwing a honey fight in our cabin for my friends birthday. Our sleeping bags caught the worst of it… and we basically had a trail of ants leading between our bunks for the rest of the session. There was another year we discovered bags of juice crystals on the trails, left behind from an older cabin’s canoe trip supplies. This was a gold mine to us. Everyday we’d meet up in the woods to eat this stuff and drank it dutifully before bed. Our tongues were stained orange and purple daily. I’m surprised we got away with it.”


Absolutely Free (Matt King)


“My parents were both teachers, so I didn’t go to camp, but my family would go camping at Killbear for 2 weeks every summer. The audio for our installation with Petrina Ng, is based on our song, On The Beach which is about two (somewhat traumatizing) memories I had on the beach of the campground. You think of the beach or camp as a place for good memories, and it is, but there are also a lot of life lessons to be learned if you are paying attention. Our Installation with Petrina’s work, My Mothers Hanlans Point is about those sort of memories, sometimes hard to face and difficult to preserve, but always there with you and a part of your story.”


Slow Down Molasses(Levi Soulodre)


“At the age of 12, I was participating in one of my later years at the Camp Voyageur at Candle Lake, SK. One of my most anticipated events of camp was invariably the end of camp dance, which almost guaranteed me some semblance of proximation to the opposite sex, whom I was utterly sheepish towards to.

Anyway, I’ll never forget, mid-dance, when all of a sudden the first brashly-played chords emerged from the speakers, exploding into an alienistic, full-out rock meltdown that sent half the campers, including myself, whirling about the main hall dance floor in a flurry of waving arms and blown minds; the song in question was Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and life’s just quite never been the same since.”

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