Canada Post Promises to Quit Parking in Toronto’s Bike Lanes

Delivery trucks instructed to no longer park in bike lanes

In a story published in the Toronto Star on Monday, Canada Post was singled out as Toronto’s most egregious offender for parking in bicycle lanes. The city’s most famous bicycle-riding police officer, Kyle Ashley, estimated that 90 per cent of his parking tickets are issued to delivery vehicles, with Canada Post standing as the No. 1 offender.

Canada Post responded Tuesday, vowing to stop parking in bike lanes.

“Canada Post understands the concerns raised regarding safety and bike lanes in Toronto,” the postal service said in a statement Tuesday.

“As a result, we are instructing our employees to not park in bike lanes in the City of Toronto. For pickups or deliveries, they are expected to find a safe location to park their vehicle. If a safe parking location is not available, our employees are expected to avoid the stop, continue on their route and return any undelivered items to the depot.”

Image via Flickr/Open Grid Scheduler