Canada Ranked Seventh in World Happiness Report

Canada makes the top 10 happiest places in the world

In celebration of International Day of Happiness, a new World Happiness Report has been published, and according to this new report, Canada has been ranked the seventh-happiest place on Earth. This is actually a decrease from last year’s number six standing.

The report ranks 155 countries and uses results drawn from global surveys that measure a person’s sense of community support, life expectancy, happiness in the workplace, freedom to make decisions, generosity, and their opinion on their country’s level of corruption. The report also measures Real gross domestic product per capita, which is considered a key factor in measuring a country’s happiness.


The first World Happiness Report was compiled in 2012 and has been a tool used by countries to improve their citizens’ well-being ever since.

The survey also ranked Norway the happiest place on Earth, with Denmark coming in at a close second and Iceland coming in third. Switzerland, Finland, and the Netherlands also preceded Canada. The U.S. sits at number 15 on the list.

Feature photo courtesy of James Brooks via Flickr.