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Canada’s Discount Airline has been Cleared for Takeoff

Take a guess as to what Canadians’ top travel destination is. According to a new survey, it’s our own homeland. So it comes as no surprise that people were buzzing about discount travel company NewLeaf offering cheap flights from Canada’s smaller airports.

The Winnipeg-based discount airline launched in January with flights scheduled to take off just weeks after but was abruptly put on hold due to Canadian Transportation Agency review of operating licence for indirect air service carriers.

CTA has now approved NewLeaf’s business model. The airline has started selling tickets between 12 Canadian cities for as low as $79 – all in.

• Halifax, NS
• Moncton, NB
• Hamilton, ON
• Winnipeg, MB
• Regina, SK
• Saskatoon, SK
• Edmonton, AB
• Kelowna, BC
• Kamloops, BC
• Fort St. John, BC
• Abbotsford, BC
• Victoria, BC

NewLeaf is truly a no-frills airline so don’t expect more than a seat and a seat belt. Luxuries like checked baggage, refreshments, and entertainment will all cost extra.

Happy travels!

(Photo: James Wheeler)

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