Canadian grocery chain No Frills has created its very own 8-bit video game

You can earn real-life PC Optimum points through the 8-bit video game

Quirky Canadian grocery store chain No Frills is bringing back their unique marketing tactics by launching a new 8-bit video game where users must collect groceries while avoiding “Frills.”

Not only can you collect your groceries virtually on Hauler Aisles of Glory, a retro 8-bit 2D animation video game, but you can even earn real-life PC Optimum points by playing on mobile, tablet, and desktop. “Every major sport has a video game franchise, so why should hauling be any different?” Loblaw Companies Senior Vice President of Marketing Uwe Stueckmann explains in a statement. “The best haulers aren’t born – they’re made. This game is designed to let them practice before they head to No Frills for an epic haul.”

The game is based on in-store shopping, where users will collect points for hauling groceries like produce, baked goods, and meat, and avoiding unnecessary frills like diamonds, limousines, and speed boats. After players complete their simulated haul, they can enter their PC Optimum card number to claim their daily reward of 500 PC Optimum points. Try out the game and earn points here.