Canadian Money Might Contain Meat

Apparently the new Canadian bank notes are not exactly vegan-friendly.

Who knew that we’d be walking around with meat in our wallets?

Recently the Bank of Canada has confirmed that an animal fat substance, specifically known as tallow, is an ingredient used in the newest polymer banknotes. Apparently tallow allows cash to slide into bank machine slots more easily.

“Our supplier of polymer substrate, Innovia Security, has confirmed that its polymer substrate used as a base for bank notes contains additives that may be produced from tallow,” the message to the CBC from the Bank of Canada reads.

“These additives help with the polymer manufacturing process, similar to many commercially available plastics materials. These additives would represent substantially less than 1% of the total weight of the substance.”

Canada is not the only country that’s adding protein to its money. Australia and Britain are both early adapters of the use of tallow in its bank notes, with Britain already seeing online petitioning against the practice.

Image via Bank of Canada