Canadian Premiere: Born Ruffians Share “When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away”

The band releases deep album cut from upcoming album 'RUFF'

Born Ruffians have just shared a new deep album cut from their forthcoming album RUFF.
There’s this well known saying that’s usually used for business, “If you’re not changing, you’re dying”, but we think it also applies to music. Bands change, they evolve and grow; it’s an inevitability that most fans can’t avoid, no matter how reluctant they are.

When a fan emailed Luke Lalonde of Born Ruffians about his distaste in their new RUFF-er sound, it made Luke pretty upset. So upset, that as a response he wrote this song.

“People have a real romance with the music they loved when they were 15-19 years old (or something around those ages) but you look back at those songs through rose-coloured glasses and confuse it for actual, objective good music. I find it very frustrating. It’s the old guy who can’t acknowledge anything new because it’s not what he liked when he was actually interested in music.”

But all in all, “the song is about the idea of objective meaning and truth in art and all of the translations and iterations it can go through from the farm to the plate” he says.

Check out the new song in the player above.


RUFF is out October 2nd via Paper Bag.

RUFF Tracklisting
Don’t Live Up
Stupid Dream
Yawn Tears
Don’t Worry Now
When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away
& On & On & On
Fuck Feelings
(Eat Shit) We Did It
We Made It
Let Me Get It Out
Shade To Shade