Canadian Premiere: The Rural Alberta Advantage “Not Love or Death”

Watch the visually stunning video for "Not Love Or Death"

The Rural Alberta Advantage are gearing up to take their third album Mended With Gold on the summer festival circuit. But first, they’ve treated us to a spectacular brand new video for their song “Not Love Or Death”. The band describes the song as sounding “seconds away from totally spiraling out of control and crashing hard, which is pretty much our sweet spot as a band.” The video reflects the song’s intensity, featuring a mixture of live performance and experimental narrative.

“You know that gutted feeling you get when a relationship ends? It’s an onslaught of real, overwhelming emotions and memories. Memories that are often tied to places you still occupy. Living in that state can feel like both the deepest love and the most endless death.”

Utilizing intricate and technically challenging camera work, director Sean Wainsteim wanted to explore “ideas of time, memory and space through the lens of one girl reflecting on her first relationship. Watch the remarkable video below:

And check out The Rural Alberta Advantage’s passionate performance of two other songs from Mended With Gold, live in our Hidden Studio: