Canadian Video Premiere: Dave Monks Shares “The Rules”

Watch the latest video from 'All Signs Point To Yes'

After stripping down songs from Elephant Shell while on tour with Tokyo Police Club, Dave Monks began a love affair with minimal, acoustic tunes as opposed to his usual pop-driven post-punk songs. This eventually led to Monks’ career as a solo artist, releasing his debut EP All Signs Point To Yes. Of the six track EP, Dave Monks has just premiered a video for the second single “The Rules”.

Check it out in the player above.

Singing to his friends Michael and Michelle, who’ve both seemingly suffered a break-up (or worse), Monks consoles the two with advice but reiterates some harsh realities. “Well I know you’re starting to think, when everyone acts like their on a postcard why is it your heart that has to sink?” He explains, “Well I don’t make the rules, I just play along.”

Monks brings some of that honesty to that his video: “Since the album shoot was ‘60s inspired, we decided to look at promotional music videos from that time. Most of them are b-roll, live shows and footage from recording dates slapped together. We decided to go in that direction, but with a performance cut in to hold it all together,” explained the film’s director Chris Schoonover.