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Canadian Video Premiere: The Elwins Release “So Down Low”

What happens when you mix an irresistibly catchy song, a veteran video director, and thousands of post-it notes? The result is a three minute stop motion masterpiece for The Elwins’ “So Down Low”.

You’ve heard the song before, and let’s face it; you’re addicted to it. But if you think The Elwins Play For Keeps couldn’t get better, you’d be sorely mistaken. When the Elwins approached director Alan Poon (Zeus, Broken Social Scene) he was given a simple request: create a stop motion video that involved Post-it notes. With the help of animator Evan DeRushie, technical guru Phillip Eddolls, and “Doodle superstar” Martin MacPherson, the group set out to work.

As Poon explains:

“The video starts simple and gradually moves to something much more complicated; each moment raising the bar on the last. The huge grid you see at the end uses over one-thousand Post-it notes to create the final animations!”

If you know The Elwins, you’ll understand how well-fit this video is for them. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and colorful — you wont be able to look away. Check out the video above!

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