Candice’s Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

10 of my favourite tweeters to follow for music, food, laughs & more

If your twitter account is full of boring friends from high school who only post about their kids and what they had for breakfast, you NEED this list. Ditch them and start following these guys. You will lol everyday if you take my Twitter advice. You will also be introduced to some pretty wicked bands.

Toronto band The Darcys is always on Twitter and they always post funny stuff.


LOVE LOVE LOVE July Talk! This is such a fun pic.


The mock TTC Helps account, TTCwelps, is brand new and I find the idea of alligators on the Yonge line quite entertaining. Sometimes you just need to laugh at the TTC so here you go.


Tegan and Sara tweet constantly and its always good. Especially all the live tweets cool behind the scenes stuff.


Hollerado usually takes the time to actually respond to your tweets. Can’t believe nobody wants that van!


If you are looking for music news…no shocker here. Alan Cross is your man.


I am a bit of a science geek and Ziya Tong from Daily Planet on Discovery Channel posts some of the greatest pictures. She also tweets about her fav radio station a lot. Can you guess which station that is? LOL.


You may not like his music but James Blunt‘s twitter account is one of the funniest out there. Recently Mayor Ford even started following the “beautiful” singer.


Looking for a great place to eat in Toronto? Dine.TO has you covered.


Cause who doesn’t like shots and bands. If buyingshotsforbands is at the show…it’s a good one.


Of course….I would love it if you followed me. I am not as funny as James Blunt but I try:)