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Candice’s Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies

I have seen the following at least a dozen times each, if not more, but for some reason when they are on TV…I can’t help myself. I’m hooked till the end. I do not just watch these movies, I sing along and I even dance in my living room a little.

These are my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies:

1. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing. The final scene still gives me goosebumps because “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Plus, did you know that Patrick Swayze sings “She’s Like The Wind”? So sexy.


2. Footloose

I love Footloose so much that I even gave the new one a chance. It sucked in comparison so I had to cleanse my palate afterwards with the old one. Do you recognize Sarah Jessica Parker? There are so many great songs on this soundtrack too. I still listen to it on a regular basis.


3. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman. Richard Gere is a bit of a perv and Julia Roberts a very young confused prostitute. Who knew the pair would have such great chemistry.


4. Karate Kid

I have spent many sick days in bed watching all three Karate Kid movies. My favourite is the 3rd. I know that is a bit weird. I think it is because of the bonsai tree. There is a guy that actually sells beautiful bonsai trees on the corner of Bathurst and Davenport. They are really expensive but if you’ve got the cash…totally worth it.

This is by far the best music/karate montage of all time.


5. Grease

My very first musical. This film/Broadway production will always have a special place in my heart.

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