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Candice’s Top Albums & Songs of 2013

Top Albums of 2013

Whitehorse – The Road to Massey hall:

So romantic. Love this couple and love the electronic feel the new album has.
Tame Impala – Lonerism:

You had me at “Elephant” Yes…it came out in late 2012 but I didn’t discover it till 2013 so it counts. LOL
Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City:
I just gotta dance to this album. Definitely one of my fav’s this year.

Top Songs of 2013

July Talk – “Paper Girl”

Can’t get over the vocals and after seeing them perform this year I cant stop thinking about this band.
Sam Roberts – “Shapeshifters”

Sam Roberts reinvented his sound for this single. It is super catchy and a departure from classic Sam Roberts. It’s good to see musicians grow and change over the years.
Arcade Fire – “Afterlife”

I like dancing and this is a great track to dance to.

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