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Capybaras Are Taking Over the Rio Olympic Golf Course and It’s Pure Gold

At this point, Torontonians are no stranger to capybaras after having two of them escape the High Park Zoo earlier this summer. We even had one stop by Indie88 HQ, check out the giant furry rodent below. It looks as though this might be the year of the capybara as the over-sized rodents are now crashing the Rio Olympics!


Roughly 30 or 40 of the little-big guys live within the course. Officials knew of the capybara population before the Olympic event and regular golfers of the course have just learned to coexist with the creatures.
The International Olympic Committee came prepared and employed five handlers to wrangle the world’s largest species of rodent if they get too close to golfers.

Now watch Raina and Matt make a new friend.

Image courtesy Eric Kilby via Flickr

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