Caribou to reissue three early albums

'Start Breaking My Heart,' Up In Flames,' and 'The Milk Of Human' are getting a vinyl reissue

Following the release of his recent remix album, Dan Snaith is set to reissue three of his early Caribou albums on vinyl this summer via Leaf Recordings.

Later this year, Start Breaking My Heart, Up In Flames, and The Milk Of Human Kindness will be repressed on limited black vinyl. The reissue of Start Breaking My Heart is in honour of the album’s 20th anniversary.

“I’d been making music since I was an early teenager,” Snaith explains. “But the music on this album was the first time I felt like something had clicked. All of a sudden, I had a sense of what I wanted the tracks I was making to be. Luckily that had happened right around the time I met Kieran Hebden, accosting him out of the blue at a festival while visiting the UK, and we had kept in touch. He passed the music along to Tony (Morley) at The Leaf Label.”

Pre-order the reissues here.