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Caribou’s Dan Snaith details new album as Daphni, shares new single ‘Cloudy’

Daphni aka Caribou aka Dan Snaith is back with a video for his new single, “Cloudy.” The track arrives on the heels of the announcement of his new album, Cherry, out October 7th via his very own Jiaolong label.

Cherry marks Daphni’s first new album since 2017. On Cherry, Snaith is ready to let the music find its own way, whether it comes to the studio or the club. You can really hear that musical freedom on “Cloudy.” The accompanying visualizer is made up of glitchy cloud animations interspersed with shots of actual clouds.

“The essense of this one is keeping it aloft – like occasionally nudging a balloon that’s only just heavier than air to keep it afloat,” Snaith explains. “For something so buoyant, I’m surprised how much it bangs in a club.”

Watch the video for “Cloudy” below.

“There isn’t anything obvious that unifies it or makes it hang together,” Snaith explains of the album. “I think it was good that it was made without worrying about any of that. I just made it.”

The record was recorded over a prolonged period of time, as Snaith let the music take him wherever it wanted to go.

“It’s weird that when the tracks were put in what felt like the right order it took on a new coherence,” Snaith says. “Where it pings quickly from one idea to the next and, at least for me, hangs together in a way that feels unified. Maybe because it’s hard to avoid the musical fingerprints I leave on the music I make, whether I want to or not.”

In addition to “Cloudy,” Cherry also features the previously released title track.

Pre-order Cherry here or check out the tracklist below.

Cherry Tracklist:

01 – “Arrow”
02 – “Cherry”
03 – “Always There”
04 – “Crimson”
05 – “Arp Blocks”
06 – “Falling”
07 – “Mania”
08 – “Take Two”
09 – “Mona”
10 – “Clavicle”
11 – “Cloudy”
12 – “Karplus”
13 – “Amber”
14 – “Fly Away”

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