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Carlin & Brent

Carlin and Brent. If you absolutely NEED to be awake in the morning, you might as well listen to them. Could you do better? Maybe. But you could also do worse. A lot worse. So there’s that. They’re in radio for one reason. Love. A love for what they do. The second would probably be free food. They get free food sent to them sometimes. Anyway, listen for the newest in music, entertainment and need to know Toronto stuff.



Carlin’s originally from Edmonton but likes Toronto so much he calls it his new hometown. If you like bad reality TV, playing music and ice cream, he likes your style. Carlin is a huge fan of music and is proud to be part of a station that is too.



Brent’s rarely serious, goofball comedies are his jam, and he’ll take a Rom-Com over an action flick any day. If you’re downtown and see a guy in a floral shirt you’d never wear yourself, you’re probably looking at Brent.