Carlin’s Favourite Beer Bars

Carlin weighs in on the Toronto beer bar debate

There’s been lots of discussion around the station of what the best beer bars in Toronto are, so I decided to weigh in on the debate. A favourite bar is completely subjective, it’s like your favourite child, there are reasons why you secretly like him/her a little better than the rest and nothing I say is going to change your mind. For a bar, it might be the atmosphere, selection, staff, location or something completely different. These are 3 of my favourite spots to grab a beer…all in my neighbourhood, (King Street West) because who wants to stumble 15 blocks home. If you want to try a beer you’ve never had before, and hopefully have one of those nights where you wake up full of shame, any of these bars will do nicely.


I’ve been to this place once, it was last night, and it’s partially to blame for the hangover I currently have. It reminds me of family reunions because it’s a bunch of picnic tables pushed together and all that’s on the menu is sausage. That might not be 100% true, but its pretty close. They do have an extravagant sausage spread and also my personal favourite washroom advertisement.

Bier Markt

Bier Markt has a massive selection of beers. I always seem to start my night here. I once ordered a boring beer and the bartender made fun of me. If you’re willing to look down and poke fun at a customer for ordering a boring beer, then you have my full respect and admiration. Maybe that’s why I always start my night here.

Bar Hop

Another Bar with a gigantic list of beers. It’s tiny, has great food that shouldn’t be referred to as pub food, and a warm vibe. They also have the best coasters.