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Caroline Polachek performs new songs ‘Sunset’ and ‘Smoke’ live

Over the weekend, Caroline Polachek played the Pitchfork Music Festival where she debuted “Sunset” and “Smoke” live.

Not only did the former Chairlift frontwoman perform her recently released “Bunny Is A Rider,” but she also performed two new songs. The performance of “Smoke” marked the track’s debut.

“Sunset” is a fun-loving, danceable instrumental with a flamenco twist. Polachek delivers her signature roller coaster-esque vocals as she dances along to the tune on stage. “Smoke,” on the other hand, has a darker instrumental line. While it’s still quite danceable, it has more of a melancholic tinge.

Watch fan-shot footage of Caroline Polachek’s performances of “Sunset” and “Smoke” below.


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“Sunset” revolves around a Spanish-influenced acoustic guitar line. As the track progresses, Polachek even begins to clap along to the rollicking tune.

“Smoke,” on the other hand, evokes more of the Pang sound. Polachek delivers ethereal vocal lines atop a catchy beat and soft harmonies throughout the tune.

Both tunes feel like Polachek is moving toward a fun, dynamic new sound. You can even feel that on her recently released single, “Bunny Is A Rider.” Polachek burst back onto the hyperpop scene with “Bunny Is A Rider.” The glitchy, yet smooth tune marked her first proper release since 2019’s Pang.

Polachek delivers her quintessential futuristic vocals. Throughout the song, Polachek repeats the refrain, “Bunny is a rider/ Satellite can’t find her” atop catchy whistles. Polachek worked on the tune with Danny L Harle.

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