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Cat Breading Is Taking Over The Internet (And Annoying Felines Worldwide)

Cat Breading (AKA Cats With Bread On Their Head) Is The Internet’s Newest Pastime

This just in. People are putting bread on their cats heads, taking pictures of it, and posting those pics all over the internet. Cat breading has been taking over the internet for some time now, and it’s high time that we all got on board. Or… on bread?

The cat bread head gallery has arrived. Put aside anything important you’re doing and dive into this with us for a minute, wouldja? And after that, make some time to check out these cats sitting like humans like it’s no big deal at all.

Some Cats Hate It, Some Fear It, Some Just Don’t Care

  1. This cat cares

Nope. This cat is not interested in having bread on its head. Not one bit.

cat breading
Image: @catsonamps on Instagram

2. More dramatic than others

Some cats care, and others make a big deal of their caring. This cat would like some kind of an award for its drama, please. Meow.

cat breading
Image: @seepostandfussovercats on Instagram

3. Straight focused

This cat appears to be on board with its human’s hijinx. It’s saying ‘ok, am I doing this right?’. I also love that they used a multigrain bread.

cat breading
Image: @____ppuyyy on Instagram

4. Cat bread head

With this cat in bread, you can’t tell the difference between where the bread ends and the cat begins. It’s like when you’re staring at the ocean and and you can’t tell where it ends and where the sky begins.

Well, kinda like that.

cat breading
Image: @ready_set_gaux on Instagram

5. Bread head, who dis?

This cat is just pure nonchalance. In fact, this cat is so cool, it even has a fake piece of bread on its head. Who needs to waste food?

cat breading
Image: @namchok.the.chonk on Instagram

6. You know a meme is well-established when…

…People are getting a tattoo of it on their body. This is official meme goals.

cat breading
Image: @breaded_cats on Instagram

7. Cat sandwich

In other attempts to make different iterations of cats and bread a thing, this cat ended up in between two slices of bread. Poor kitty.

cat breading
Image: @edencat9 on Instagram

8. This cat is pissed

Yeah, this cat is not having it. Can you blame it? That bread does not look appetizing at all.

cat breading
Image: @findingvines82 on Instagram

9. Fake food on cat 

Further proof that this online trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Someone somewhere is making fake bread to put on cats’ heads.

cat breading
Image: @catswiththeirtonguesout on Instagram

10. The OG cat loaf

This is the pic that originally went viral on Tumblr. This is one cute cat. Perfectly deserving of going viral on the internet.

Where Did Cat Breading Even Come From… And Why??

cat breading
Image: @skinandspots on Instagram

Tracing a meme is such a fascinating hobby, and it’s no different with this trend. The original meme, in fact, started as a pun for “inbred”.

The original meme photo was shared on Tumblr in August of 2011, believe it or not. This is partly what’s so fascinating about a meme; it sticks around for a really long time. I mean, I’m just hearing of this now and it’s nearly 11 years old.

Anyway, after the first pic was shared, the trend spread like wildfire, moving from Tumblr to Reddit and then obviously to Facebook and Instagram.

From there, people all over the world have been sharing their joy and awkwardness with this hilarious and awkward meme. Poor cats, lucky humans!

Follow along with this trend on any of the links above and let’s all keep cat breading alive!

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