Caution: The 25 Most Dangerous Places to be a Tourist

Some places you might want to avoid during your worldly travels

While traveling is a great opportunity to see the world, have new experiences and make life-long friends, there are some places that aren’t all sunshine and butterflies. From gang violence to disease to unstable governments, some of the most dangerous ones have been narrowed down.

The usual suspects start off the list: The Gaza Strip, the DRC, Sierra Leone. All places known for their high levels of violence and conflict. The Ebola outbreak put Liberia and Guinea on the list of, as well as Nigeria, Libya, and Lebanon for their unstable security situations.

Check out all 25 in the video below:

The terrorist group Boko Haram makes Chad an undesirable country to visit, and you might want to avoid North Korea too. Iran has had high levels of detaining western visitors lately, and South Sudan’s crime rate is on the rise.

Topping the list of the most dangerous places to visit are Iraq, Somalia, and Pakistan. Afghanistan claims the top spot, seeing as it’s currently the most war-torn country out there.

We’re all for exploring our beautiful planet — but explore with caution.

Do you have any experiences traveling to these countries? Tell us about them below!