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Caveboy frontperson Mint Simon shares edgy, dark new track ‘Tongue Tied’

Caveboy frontperson Mint Simon has shared a video for their new single, “Tongue Tied.”

The dark, edgy new song comes packed with a heavy bass line and distorted instrumentals. The dance-worthy tune revolves around captivatingly chaotic layers of groovy sounds. Mint Simon’s silky vocals truly draw you in on this single, building the tension before the explosive chorus. The accompanying video is full of clips of animals beneath distorted, gritty effects. It captures the dark, slowly burning energy of the single perfectly.

“‘Tongue Tied’ is an edgy, dark exploration into my brain that dives into the idea of stress & release;” Mint Simon explains. “A sexually driven, stress-relieving, tension building song that’s short and to the point.”

Watch the video for “Tongue Tied” below.

“Tongue Tied” is a collaboration with Simon’s BFF and Caveboy bandmate, Isabelle Banos. It follows previously released singles “Some of Everything” and “Used For Love.”

Mint Simon was born and raised in Montreal. As a theatre kid turned band lead, they truly channel a larger than life, theatrical sound.

“Tongue Tied” comes from their forthcoming solo project, which sees them exploring new sonic landscapes. The collection is set to look at love, missed opportunities, desire, and sexual liberation.

While Mint Simon has been a part of a whole slew of projects, this is the first time they’ve explored their own musical journey in a public way. The unapolagetically queer pop prince is honing in on the sounds of the 80s and 90s.

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