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Cedric Noel collaborates with Common Holly on gentle new single ‘Dove’

Montreal artist Cedric Noel has shared a new collaboration with Brigitte Nagar (aka Common Holly), “Dove.”

The track comes from his forthcoming album, Hang Time, out on November 12th via Joyful Noise Recordings/Forward Music Group. “Dove” follows previously released singles “Allies” and “Comuu.” The reflective, gentle new tune comes packed with stunning harmonies and soaring choruses.

“‘Dove’ touches on the wanting of emotional intimacy and how hard it can sometimes be to get there, be that within friendships, family or romantically,” Noel says. “I think the narrator is singing the lyrics somewhat sarcastically while trying to understand their own emotional shortcomings with the people close to them.”

Listen to “Dove” below.

Hang Time will comes packed with fluid, texturally layered melodies and upfront, vulnerable lyrics. The record stays true to Cedric Noel’s open-ended rock sound, while he threads some sonic surprises through the album’s 13 tracks. The genre-bending album weaves in and out of folk-pop and ambient music. It was written primarily in 2017 and 2018 during an intense period of self-reflection. Noel hopes to ask difficult questions with compassion and honesty on this album.

“For me, this album is about taking ownership of my identity on my own terms,” Noel says. “In a sense I wrote this record for a teenage version of myself and hope that it reaches those who find themselves in similar situations that I was when writing the album. I hope that this album can contribute to the reimagination of what is understood as ‘black music’ and help remove the boundaries that term currently encompasses.”

Pre-order Hang Time here and check out the tracklist below.

Hang Time Tracklist:

01 – “Comuu”
02 – “Headspace”
03 – “Keep”
04 – “Stilling”
05 – “Bass Song”
06 – “Born”
07 – “Dove”
08 – “A Hold On Losing”
09 – “Okayokay”
10 – “Allies”
11 – “Nighttime (Skin)”
12 – “Hang Time”
13 – “Cozy”

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