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Celebrating One Year Since the Great Llama Chase and Infamous Dress Debacle

February 26th, 2015, — maybe not a day that will do down in infamy, but it’s one we can certainly look back on year later and think to ourselves “how far have we really come?”

The internet had a field day one year ago as two major social events occurred. The first was a picture of a dress that appeared on Tumblr, asking for help identifying its colors.


Some saw it as blue and black, others saw it as gold and white; everyone argued until they went blue (or gold) in the face. Global panic ensued.

Reality started to close in on those convinced they saw blue and black, only to look away and see gold and white. It was messy.

Before most of our minds began to descend into complete chaos, news broke that shed some light into an otherwise dark day.

In Sun City, Arizona a pair of Llamas made a daring escape from a mobile petting zoo.

It was just the news that we needed to see. The combination of a thrilling hunt without all the destruction of a normal police chase was just the uplifting event that lifted away a heavy cast of clouds that the dress debacle set. These animals could taste freedom, and the internet cheered on fantasizing that these Thelma and Louise llamas could go on and live a life on the run and prove that not all good things have to come to an end.

Though their eventual capture was the just the closure we needed. The chaos was over; science explained behind the the dress’ changing colors and reality returned to normal.

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