Cell Service Is Coming To the TTC Subway

Because Toronto is a "Modern" city

Your days of half-sent text messages and “no service, please try again” on the TTC are slowly coming to an end. You can now access cellular data and reception on parts of the subway… if your on WIND.

In a joint press conference this morning, Mayor John Tory and TTC Chair Josh Colle announced that TTC customers who are subscribers to WIND Mobile network will be able to access their cell service and data in all areas of St. George, Bay and Bloor-Yonge stations. Additional reception around the downtown “U” line will also be available by the 2015 Pan Am Games.

As part of an effort bring Toronto “into the 21st Century”, the TTC ‘modernization’ has been an ongoing project since the introduction of Wi-Fi to the subway system in 2013. The company behind this modernization, BAI Canada, which is part of a larger worldwide company, has projects modernizing antiquated transit systems around the world like New York and Hong Kong.


(Photo by BruceK via Flickr)

More Wi-Fi will be added to the subway system following the Pan Am games this summer to Bathurst and Sherbourne stations. This is an added effort to improve the city’s infrastructure, and account for growing wireless usage; on top of the 15 terabytes that TTC customers already use per month.

More cellular providers will be able to sign on to BAI’s subway network in the future, but for now WIND has the exclusive. They are aiming to have reception available at all subway stations by 2017. Now you won’t have to pretend to be looking at something the next time you want to avoid making awkward eye contact with that person across from you.

(Photo by Sam Javanrouh via Flickr)