Ch-Check It Out: NYU Students To Record At Beastie Boys’ Studio

Hallowed hip hop and rock grounds become a learning zone

By: Elisabeth Axiak

The Beastie Boys have made a deal with New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, allowing students to utilize the famed Oscilloscope Record Studio for an upcoming project.

Students of the Clive Davis Institute are to work in the studio to produce a “customized, entrepreneurial music business venture”, as told by Billboard. They will be recording under the “Capstone Projects” program, an endeavor that is an amazing opportunity for students, and they are more than thrilled.


“I think it’s an incredible opportunity and it really demonstrates the expansive connections that Clive Davis institute has with the global music industry,” said Noah Levinson, a freshman at the institute. “I’m sure that students who have the opportunity to record there will have an incredible and refreshing experience.”

The program allows students to get experience with real studios as a preparation for their musical careers. Final-year students will be working on their Capstone Projects as an equivalent to senior theses, and what better place than The Beastie Boys’ own studio.


The legendary hip-hop group have recorded numerous albums at the New York City studio, including “To The 5 boroughs” and “The Mix Up”. However, The Beastie Boys are not the only big names to record here; acts such as M.I.A., Jack White, and Metric have also graced the Oscilloscope.

Jeff Rabhan, Clive Davis Institute’s chair, announced the deal on October 21 on Twitter, stating that he is “psyched to announce” the partnership.

Images courtesy Oscilloscope Record Studio