Chad VanGaalen Releases Cassette Tape B-Sides

Get all the details on the B-side release of Chad Vangaalen's Shrink Dust.

This won’t be the first time Calgary musician Chad VanGaalen has released cassette tape B-sides. He’s done it before with the Cassette Tape Series, and now the B-sides from Shrink Dust are going to get the same treatment.

“I think there’ll be two [new] cassettes — there’s at least three records’ worth of B-sides on [Shrink Dust],” VanGaalen said. “That’s usually how it works. Garbage Island 1 and 2 were the sort of crème of the crop that came off Diaper Island. To tell you the truth, I think Garbage Island 1 is better than Diaper Island, when I go back and listen to what I was trying to get at with that record. For whatever reason, I feel like those B-sides were a little more coherent than the B-sides that will come off Shrink Dust, which is why Shrink Dust was a little bit harder to make in the first place.”

So what does it sound like? Noisy, alt-folk pop.

“Like ‘Where Are You?’ is more of a noisy dance track, and there was maybe a [full] record of that in there,” he said. “And then there was a record of more country, folky songs. Then there was a record of ‘Frozen Paradise’ — poppier, cleaner sounding pop/alternative tracks, whatever you want to call them. And then there was a bunch of straight-up electronica that actually sounded horrible; that stuff probably won’t even make much onto the B-sides.”

These cassette tapes have no set-in-stone release date as of yet.