Chance The Rapper Fans Want Him To Run For Mayor Of Chicago

Chance for mayor people!

Fans of Chance The Rapper have made a legit online mayoral campaign for Chance to run for mayor of his hometown Chicago, Illinois.

This should be “No Problem” for Chance, we know he’s up “All Night” thinking about all the changes that need to be made.

Now that we’ve gotten the Chance puns out of the way, is this really realistic for Chance to be mayor, assuming he’s already got quite the full plate touring the world and creating hit songs?

It does seem like Chance has always managed to have enough time to give back, especially to Chicago. At the age of 23 Chance has already impacted the lives of many by donating one million dollars to the public school system of Illinois. He’s also set up a website that allows others to donate, which has gathered over a million as well.

The next election for mayor takes place in February and Chance has yet to comment on the campaign web page. If Chance ever decides politics is where it’s at, we’re sure his father would be proud. Chance’s dad is actually a deputy chief for Mayor Emanuel and has even worked alongside Obama.

Chance even released a song in 2015 called “Somewhere in Paradise” which referenced a political side to Chance (“They screamin’, ‘Chano for mayor,’ I’m thinkin’ maybe I should”).

We’re thinkin’ maybe you should too.