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No, Chance The Rapper Is Not Releasing a New Record This Week

Talk surfaced Monday night that Chance The Rapper could release his highly-anticipated follow-up to 2016’s Coloring Book this week. It was reportedly Chance himself who had said new music was on the way in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

Alas, the Chicago native poured cold water on his own words by clarifying via Twitter. It looks like we’re not getting that new record this week.

Chance has not indicated how he will release his next record. Coloring Book was available to fans for free via download following a two-week iTunes-exclusive window upon its release.

“I’ve never been against selling music,” he told the Chicago Tribune. “Music has value. I put my music out there for free because I wanted people to see and notice it as a beacon for what I’m doing, in terms of how unorthodox I wanted my approach and my delivery of each piece of music to be. On the other side, it’s not really difficult for me to make music and deliver it to the fans, because there are so many more platforms now, a bunch of streaming sites. The bigger concern for artists now is navigating the legal issues of owning your music, your publishing, your distribution. It has been difficult for me to release music with artists who work with the majors.”

Of course, Chance could pivot and surprise us all with a new release at any moment. We’ll hold out for that…

Image via Flickr/Julio Enriquez

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