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Chance the Rapper pulls accident victim out of burning car

Philanthropist and musician Chance the Rapper has just also gained the title of “hero” after pulling a man from a burning car.

As he was rounding up the most notable moments of 2018, Chance revealed that he rescued a man from a burning vehicle. “Ay so I never told this to the world but my friends can merch,” the rapper wrote according to Consequence of Sound. “I saved a persons by myself on Easter Sunday this year omw to church.”

Allegedly he was driving to church when a car in front of him drove into the wall at about 90 mph, and he was the only person there when it first happened. Apparently, the car was aflame, so Chance broke his window, took off his seat belt, pushed his seat back, and pulled out the unconscious man.

Luckily, the man lived through the incident thanks to the one and only Chance the Rapper.

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