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Chastity sings of the apocalypse on new single ‘Somersault’

Whitby, Ontario’s Brandon Williams has shared a video for his new single as Chastity, “Somersault.”

The track comes from his forthcoming album, Suffer Summer, out January 13th via Deathwish Inc. “Somersault” is a breezy single with guitar-driven instrumentals and dreamy vocals. The accompanying video comes packed with clips of a group of people jumping on a trampoline in slow motion. In the second half of the video, they all start destroying a cop car.

“This is a song about the apocalypse, with lyrics writen before this current apocalypse began,” Williams explains. “It’s about finding a better world hidden away in your room, or some place safe.”

Watch the video for “Somersault” below.

“The first video put out for the trilogy was for ‘Children,’ based off a true story of police brutality in my town,” Williams adds. “In one of the final videos for it now, I wanted to make sure the gap was closed and the cop got what was coming. Trying to make a dream feel real.”

In addition to “Somersault,” Suffer Summer also features previously released songs “Pummeling” and “Dying To Live.”

Suffer Summer marks Chastity’s third studio album. The forthcoming 10-track collection will feature Chastity’s previously released single, “Dying To Live.” Suffer Summer features PUP’s Stefan Babcock on “Real World” and “When You Go Home I Withdrawal.” Alexisonfire and City and Colour’s Dallas Green also appears on “Vicious Circle.”

Check out the tracklist for Suffer Summer below.

Suffer Summer Tracklist:

01 – “Real World”
02 – “Pummeling”
03 – “Dying to Live”
04 – “When You Go Home I Withdrawal”
05 – “The Barbed Wire Fence Around Happiness”
06 – “Somersault”
07 – “Happy Face”
08 – “Overstimulate”
09 – “Vicious Circle (feat. Dallas Green)”
10 – “Smiling”

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