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Cheap Teeth share their take on a summer anthem ‘What A Feeling, What A Day’

Leeds’ Cheap Teeth have shared a new single, “What A Feeling, What A Day.” Alongside the track, they’ve announced a headlining tour.

“What A Feeling, What A Day” is the band’s take on a summer anthem. Throughout the track, Cheap Teeth deliver gritty guitars and dreamy twist with a warm twist alongside anthemic vocal lines. The song weaves in and out of bright melodies and a darker sensibility.

“The bones of the song had been with us for a while, and different iterations have been in our set since before the pandemic,” Cheap Teeth’s Jack Sharp explains. “Over that time the lyrics and melodies were put to the sword. We had recorded a version of the song to tape, and when David Kosten got in touch with us saying he was a fan of the band, we sent him this song and he instantly seemed to be drawn to it and suggested getting a meatier version of it recorded with him in London. Obviously, David’s stature in the music industry would suggest this to be a no brainer, but the catalyst for us working with him was the fact that his motivations were evidently in the right place from the get-go. He understood the song and understood how it needed to be captured in order to be representative of us and where we are at. We are very happy with the outcome.”

Listen to “What a Feeling, What A Day” below.


Cheep Teeth Headlining Tour Dates:

Float Along Festival, Sheffield – 24th Aug
Tenement Trail, Glasgow – 8th Sept
Wild Paths Festival, Norwich – 11th Oct
Green Door Store, Brighton – 12th Oct
Bodega, Nottingham – 13th Oct
The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool – 14th Oct
Live At Leeds, Leeds – 15th Oct
Gullivers, Manchester – 19th Oct
The 100 Club, London – 21st Oct
The Louisiana, Bristol – 22nd Oct
Swn Festival, Cardiff – 23rd Oct

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