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Check Out These Old Beatles Photos Ringo Starr “Found” In His House

What would you do if you had an untapped reserve of memorabilia from the world’s greatest rock band?

Ringo Starr recently uncovered hundreds of never seen before photos of the Beatles from a stock pile he had in his house. Of the 800 pieces of Beatles memorabilia, he found one of his old drum kits and one of John Lennon’s guitars.

To promote his new book Photograph, Starr will also be displaying a number of negatives at a London art gallery on September 21st. His book, which comes out the same day is filled with 250 images that he says “are shots that no one else could have taken.”

It must be difficult to watch Paul McCartney tour around the world with a massively successful band, — while you’re just stuck at home with a bunch of your old band’s junk. Sorry Ringo, it won’t bring back the glory days!

Check out some of the released photos below:








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