Cheese-flavoured snack brand Cheetos launches fashion line

It ain't easy being cheesy.

There was a time when Cheetos’ fashion was reserved for the fingertips of nerds and their keyboards. Not anymore.

The cheese-flavoured snack brand is crossing over into fashion. Seriously. Cheetos is selling several items on its website, including jewelry, onesies, scarves, underwear, a Cheetos bronzer, and even toilet paper.

It’s all a big gag, right? Nope, check the $20,000.00 price tag on the Eye of the Cheetah earrings.

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Grab yourself a Big Cat Nap Nap Sack and Nap Cap for $49.99.


Looking for something more practical? Try the Toilet Paw-Per.


Header image via Wikipedia, all other images via Cheetos.