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Chef of Toronto Restaurant Antler Was The Guest on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Toronto chef and owner of the Dundas Street restaurant Antler was the guest on Joe Rogan’s extremely popular podcast this week.

Michael Hunter made international headlines when he staged a counter-protest to animals rights activists camped outside his restaurant last month by carving up and eating a piece of deer in the front window, which is normally reserved for guests.

Antler was partially targeted because of its menu, which features wild game such as bison, rabbit, boar, deer, and duck. Hunter revealed in the talk with Rogan that protesters became preoccupied with changing his menu when he promoted a vegan menu item — one which had long been available.

As the story spread around local news, his story became the punchline for many whom considered the vegan protesters somewhat of a joke. Aside from catching the eye of comedian Patton Oswalt, Hunter’s actions also intrigued another comedian, Rogan, who also happens to hunt for his own meat. Watch the two talk about the standoff below.

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