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Cherry Blaster sing of self-acceptance on new bedroom pop single ‘New Age’

Toronto’s Cherry Blaster have shared a video for their new single, “New Age.”

The intimate bedroom pop tune is all about self-acceptance. “New Age” comes packed with dreamy vocals and lush instrumentals. The accompanying soft-sci-fi video comes packed with shots of frontwoman Iulia Ciobanu in a mesmerizing pink setting.

“One morning in my late twenties, I woke up from a dream in which my silver hairs were turning pink,” Ciobanu explains. “I was struck by this imagery and how it reflected the creeping feeling that my ‘time was up’ as an aspiring musician as I approached my thirties.”

Watch the video for the new Cherry Blaster tune, “New Age,” below.

“‘New Age’ extends this dream into an alternate reality where I have transformed myself into a forever young cyborg,” Ciobanu continues. “Over the years, this song’s meaning has deepened as it relates to self acceptance through the aging process.”

Cherry Blaster take bedroom pop sounds and transforms them into captivating dreamscapes. The band started as the brainchild of Iulia Ciobanu before growing into a three-piece outfit. Thematically, they look at “longing and uncertainty while striking the perfect balance of closeness and detachment,” according to a release.

If you like artists like Mitski, Metric, and St. Vincent, you’re sure to lean into the sounds of Cherry Blaster.

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