Childish Gambino Ends Gig Early After Breaking Foot

While on his final tour 'This Is America'

Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, was performing at Dallas’s American Airlines Center on Sunday night when he reaggrivated an existing injury.

Glover has repeatedly stated that his current “This Is America Tour” will be his last as Childish Gambino, and now the highly anticipated tour is in danger after he reportedly broke his foot. Audience members claimed that the famous rapper and Atlanta star had hurt himself while dancing or “attempting to do the splits.” After performing his most recent hit, “This Is America,” he quickly wrapped up the show and left the stage, saying “I love you, Texas. I’ll see you soon.” Check out a fan’s reaction video below:

Gambino did not return to the stage, ending the concert before some of his hits like “Redbone” and “3005.” Last Friday, he allegedly arrived for his set at the iHeartRadio music festival “in a wheelchair and leg brace.” After that, he performed a full 16-song set in Houston before breaking his foot in Dallas, as reported by an official at the venue.

Childish Gambino’s next scheduled concert is tomorrow, September 26th in Los Angeles. We’ll be waiting patiently to see if Gambino returns to the stage.