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Childish Gambino unveils new track ‘Algorhythm’ through AR app

Donald Glover is all about the peculiar releases, from dropping new tunes in his film Guava Island to sharing short films as part of a partnership with Adidas for a collaborative line. Now, Childish Gambino has released his latest track “Algorhythm” in a completely different reality. An augmented one, that is.

According to Billboard, Glover’s new Pharos AR app allows users to listen to “Algorhythm” in a pretty groundbreaking way. Users are able to launch the app and look at the world around them altered by using 3D graphics through their phone’s camera. Neon symbols then take place in the digitized environment, and different loops build from different symbols, eventually revealing the full track.

Pharos AR is currently only available for Android devices, and you can head to Google Play to download it and listen to the track. If you don’t have an Android, watch Gambino perform it live below.

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