Children Accidentally Shown ‘Insidious 3’ Instead of Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

Won't somebody please think of the children!

All it takes is one little mistake to give children nightmares for years. Two movies who’s titles both start with “INSID”, the gory and horrifying Insidious 3 and Pixar’s latest kid flick Inside Out were mistakenly switched up at at a theatre in Ohio. What was the result? A room filled with crying children, angry parents and a apologetic movie theatre manager.

Everyone was given free upgraded tickets but apparently that didn’t stop the children from being frightened. “I got our money back. ” said Jazmyn Moore on their local paper’s Facebook page “but the damage is already done. My children are terrified and keep asking questions.”

Quick tip: if you’re ever supposed to see a Pixar movie and that little lamp doesn’t squash a letter first, you’re probably about to watch the wrong film.