City and a Different Colour: Dallas Green and P!nk Become You+Me

Beloved Canadian songbird and versatile pop icon find common musical ground.

Dallas Green of City and Colour has been even busier than we thought since the big Alexisonfire break-up in 2012.

Green has teamed up with pop-star P!nk (a.k.a. Alecia Moore) to form a folk duo called You+Me, with a full 10-track album, rose ave., out next month.

You+Me released their first single today, appropriately titled “You And Me”. You can watch the lyric video below:

Moore’s husband introduced her to Green, and they felt an instant musical connection. City and Colour also opened a few shows for P!nk on her tour last year.

Green and Moore both tweeted about the album, with a comfortable repartee.

Green has become increasingly folky over City and Colour’s last few albums, but the genre is entirely new for P!nk.

This just might be the most surprising collaboration since that Lady Gaga/Kanye West tour almost happened.

rose ave. comes out on October 14.

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