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City Council Approves New Bike Lanes For Kensington Market

Toronto is making it easier to navigate through Kensington Market this summer. The neighbourhood is part of a 10-year plan that is designed to create a network of major cycling routes throughout the city.

The new Kensington paths will stretch from Queen Street to College Street using Denison Avenue and Bellevue Avenue.

“This is to connect the lanes on College down to Richmond and Simcoe, but it’s part of a broader vision to ultimately connect from the waterfront all the way up to Bloor Street,” said Coun. Joe Cressy.

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According to Cressy, the lanes will be “contraflow,” which will make it legal for cyclists to ride in both directions on a one-way street.

“Initially we built our roads for cars. Now we’re trying to redesign our roads to move people, and drivers are only one part of that,” said Cressy.

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